Needham Education Association

The NEA is comprised of five units (A-E) and represents teachers (Unit A), administrators (Unit B), assistants (Unit C), secretaries (Unit D) and cafeteria workers (Unit E). The NEA represents each unit by providing a seat at the negotiations table, but it also is an advocate for students and the education profession at all levels. In concert with the Massachusetts Education Association (MTA) and the National Education Association (NEA), the Needham association works to promote the interests of Needham educators and students at the local level.

The NEA also provides benefits to teachers such as disability insurance, benefits to students such as scholarships to various programs, and information about various political initiatives impacting the field of education. This web site is part of an effort to keep members informed.


NEA Meeting Dates:
*All begin at 3:30

 Ratification Notice 2013



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